An elegant-rustic ambience and one of the most beautiful bars in Berlin, offers you the right environment for a cozy meal and smaller celebrations to large events. Our fresh international crossover cuisine fuses skillfully with Berlin flair and US specialties. You can also find vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu.

You will find us next to the New Synagogue in Oranienburger Straße at the corner of Tucholskystraße. An ideal place for events, and before or afterwards explore the city and discover the sights.

In the neighborhood


An elegant-rustic ambience and one of the most beautiful bars in Berlin, offers you the right environment for a cozy meal and smaller celebrations to large events. Our fresh international crossover cuisine fuses skillfully with Berlin flair and US specialties. You can also find vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu.

You will find us next to the New Synagogue in Oranienburger Straße at the corner of Tucholskystraße. An ideal place for events, and before or afterwards explore the city and discover the sights.

In the neighborhood


New Synagogue – Centre Judaicum (alongside)

  • Museum
  • Permanent exhibition Truet on the gates (guided tours with audio guide)
  • Changing exhibitions

In 1866, the new synagogue was inaugurated and with 3,200 seats the largest Jewish church in Germany. During the Second World War the house was badly damaged and in 1958 only the street side buildings were left. In May 1995, the New Synagogue reopened after approx. 7 years of construction. The building is intended to serve present and future generations as a memorial to Jewish culture. The partially renovated New Synagogue and adjacent buildings serve as a place of learning, teaching, encounter and prayer. The archive and library rooms serve scientific research and receive inquiries from home and abroad. The permanent exhibition "Tuet auf den Pforten" situated in the museum, offers guided tours with an audio guide in many languages, it tells the story of Berlin- and German-Jewish history.

Galli Theater Berlin (1 minute walking distance)

  • Comedy for adults
  • Fairytales and clown theater for children
  • Businesstheater

The Galli Theater Berlin is a popular place of art, culture and encounter and has become an integral part of Berlin's cultural landscape and the Berlin cabarets. It lies in the charming ambience of the creative quarter HECKMANN HÖFE right next to the New Synagogue Berlin.

Caro Berliner Art Gallery Shop (1 minute walking distance to the Heckmann Höfen)

In the Caro Berlin Art Gallery Shop you can see changing photography and art exhibitions by Berlin artists.

  • Photography on wood
  • Streetphotography Berlin
  • Contemporary art
  • Original artworks
  • handmade jewelry and design

Monbijoupark (2 minutes walking distance)

  • Jewelery, strolling and leisure place
  • with children's pool and playground

The four acre large park adjoins the Spree, the Friedrichsbrücke, Monbijoustraße and Oranienburger Straße. Monbijou Castle used to be on this location until 1959, it was badly damaged during the war and the ruines were demolished for political reasons. Large parts were preserved, but were tore down similar to the Berlin City Palace, because money for a complex reconstruction of a noble palace was not provided in the GDR period.

Art in the Auguststrasse (2 minutes walking distance)

The Auguststraße is a must for every art lover, but also for those interested in Berlin. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Auguststraße has become one of the most exciting and renowned centers of contemporary art in Berlin. Numerous galleries have settled here, in addition to exhibition centres of a special kind:

  • me Collectors Room Berlin
  • KW Institute for Contemporary Art
  • Gallery Berlin Küttner Ebert GmbH
  • CWC Gallery
  • Gallery Deschler
  • aquabitArt & WHITECONCEPTS
  • Gallery Society

No wonder that every two years Auguststraße becomes the center of the Biennale for Contemporary Art! This one street can show you Berlin as it is. The growing together of all times, the good and less good times meet and are now united despite the differences. For here, new houses line up with old buildings, some are renovated, some are not. Some would already judge one of the Old Berlin doors as an art. Take a look for yourself.

Fairytalecottage (3 minutes walking distance)

  • Fairytalecottage Jacob
  • Fairytalecottage Wilhelm
  • Summer- and winter program with several fairytales

The Fairytalecottage is situated on the roof of the bunker in the Monbijourpark opposite the Bode Museum. Their performances of Grimm's fairy tales delight young and old alike. Fairytale friends warm themselves around the campfire in the fairytale land in between.

Kule Theater (4 minutes walking distance)

  • Gallery & Theater

The club rooms on the ground floor have been used since 1990 for various non-commercial artistic activities: for public presentations (concerts, performances, talks, screenings, exhibitions) as well as for internal uses (rehearsals, recordings or research projects). Individual events are also supported by the culture promotion program and in 2016 the KuLe cultural center was awarded the prize for artistic project spaces by the Berlin Senate.

Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin (5 minutes walking distance)

  • Revue theater with vaious guest performances
  • Children shows
  • Nonsense Comedy Club
  • Red carpet events, such as the Berlinale

The Friedrichstadt-Palast has been a revue theater with modern stage technology in Berlin's Mitte district since 1984 and is one of Europe's leading theaters. This new building replaced the 1980 closed "Old Friedrichstadt Palast", which had to be demolished due to its dilapidation in 1985, it was located about 200 meters southwest of today's Friedrichstadt Palast.

Museum-island (7 minutes walking distance)

The Museum Island is the northern tip of the Spree island in the historic center of Berlin. It is the nucleus of Berlin's museum landscape and with its five museums is now a much-visited tourist destination and one of the most important museum complexes in the world. Since 1999, the Museum Island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a globally unique cultural and architectural ensemble.

Museum buildings & collections on site

  • Old Museum
    - Antique Collection
    1823-1830 Construction of the first exhibition building on the Museum Island next to the cathedral and opposite the city palace with an inviting flight of stairs to the “Lustgarten”, because of its fabulous interior it belonges to the five most beautiful museums.
  • New Museum
    - Museum of Prehistory and Early History
    - Antique collection
    Egyptian museum and papyrus collection with Nefertiti in the entrance area, one of the most famous sculptures in the world and one of the most visited busts. Built in 1843-1855, this museum created the beginning for the development of the Spree island to the "sanctuary for art and science". After almost complete destruction during World War II, it was a ruin in the heart of Berlin for decades. Reopening 2009 after extensive renovation and restoration work under historic preservation orders, traces of history are combined with modern age.
  • Old national gallery
    Headquarters of the collection of the National gallery, which is currently exhibited at several locations. Built in 1867-1876, the architecture goes back to a sketch of the house of King Frederick IV.
  • Kolonnadenhof
    Public garden with sculptures
    From the beginning of planning, the Museum Island as a "sanctuary for art and science" should also be a place for strolling and lingering, and was handed over to the public after the redesign in 2010.
  • Bode-Museum
    - Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art
    - Picture gallery

    - Collection of Coins Cabinet
    Built in 1897-1904 at the tip of the Museum Island, it resembles a moated castle. Reopening 2006 after restauration. According to the concept of Wilhelm von Bode, who wanted to show paintings, sculptures and crafts of a period combined, the museum still exhibits today.
  • Pergamonmuseum
    - Antique collection with the Pergamon altar, which gave the museum its name
    - Near eastern Museum
    - Museum of Islamic Art
    Built 1910-1930 as the last of the five museums. Partial renovation until at least 2023.
    Closed: The hall of the Pergamon Altar, north wing and the Hellenistic Hall.
    Open: The south wing of the Pergamon Museum with the Ishtar Gate, the Processional Street and the Market Gate of Miletus and the Museum of Islamic Art.
  • James-Simon-Gallery
    The future visitor center with auditorium and special exhibition hall.

Chameleon Theatre (7 minutes walking distance)

  • Variety / New circus

Since reopening in 2004, the privately owned theater presents contemporary circus productions. Atmospheric, this house is in the tradition of the variety theaters of the 20s. Small tables and a sociable atmosphere allow for relaxed arrival and lingering while artists from all over the world redeem their promise for a real stage adventure every night. Acrobatics, music, dance, comedy and drama form a harmonious unity in one of the most beautiful theaters in Berlin - but without missing corners and edges.

Hackesch Market (7 minutes walking distance)

  • Hackeschen Hofe
  • Shopping
  • Weekly market

The Hackesche Höfe are located directly on Hackescher Market and are Germany's largest closed court area. After being renovated in the 90s, nowadays the courtyard complex is a protected listed historical building and is one of the special sights in Berlin-Mitte.

Shopping in the metropolis of Berlin, this is a cosmopolitan city that lives up to its name. This is where the important labels and designers are represented, and not just because Berlin is an absolute fashion must, but because the creativity of the metropolis is an inspiration for designers and artists. In recent years, a number of small, lovingly manufactured factories and shops have sprung up here. With charm and unusual ideas designers offer their collections. In no other place in the city there are so many young designers and showrooms as on the Hackescher Markt Berlin.

A weekly market takes place on Hackescher Markt also on Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 to 18 o'clock. There you have the opportunity to buy handmade articles, fresh lavender, juices, cheap antique books are also on offer.

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